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Portion Of Cape LaCroix Trail Will Be Closed Next Week Due To Bridge Consruction

Due to bridge construction, the Cape LaCroix Trail on Kingshighway near Hobby Lobby will close next Tuesday, Apr. 23. According to Parks Division Manager Brock Davis, the trail will be closed intermittently for roughly three weeks. The Missouri Department of Transportation will be performing the work. “They’ll just need to close the trail as needed,” says Davis. “Of course, the weekends will be open because they won’t be doing any work on weekends.” He says MODOT will be putting up signs to...

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Cape Chamber

Let's Talk Business: Make Sure to Celebrate Often

Do you celebrate enough? At the Chamber, we are involved in so many things related to economic development and community betterment. Like many of you, we stay busy and both time and significant events can pass us by if we aren’t careful. So, we make sure we celebrate as often as possible.

Inc. Magazine tells us celebrating is very critical to success – even suggesting if you don’t celebrate, you are likely to burn out. Celebrating changes your physiology and psychology,...

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Drought Could Slow Japanese Beetle Spread

Jan 30, 2013

Local plants might find a silver lining with the recent drought.

The Japanese beetle, an invasive species with no natural predators and no simple way to kill off, can be affected by the recent dry weather. This could be a boon for gardeners who otherwise have no good way to fight off this growing pest. Without a natural predator, a species like this will continue to grow and thrive.

Missouri Department of Conservation’s Forest Entomologist Rob Lawrence says the dry weather affects their larval stages the most.

Coal Miners Protest Peabody Energy In St. Louis

Jan 30, 2013
Adam Allington / St. Louis Public Radio

Several hundred miners from Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia traveled to St. Louis Tuesday in an attempt to salvage health care and pension benefits.

mroczknj / Flickr

The price of beef and pork will continue to climb this year, according to an agricultural economist at the University of Missouri.

Ron Plain says the supply of meat being produced in the United States is down due to the drought and high feed costs.

“That’s meant record costs of production on the farm for raising livestock and a lot of red ink and producers have responded by downsizing their herd somewhat and that means less meat,” Plain said.

The USDA predicts there will be 1.3% less red meat and poultry produced this year as compared to last year.

Mo. House Committee Hears Voter ID Measures

Jan 30, 2013
kristin_a / Flickr

Republicans in the Missouri House are making another attempt to pass legislation that would require voters to show photo identification at the polls. No one testified in favor of the proposal at a House hearing on Tuesday.

Everyone who testified either opposed requiring photo IDs for voting or were neutral.  It would allow anyone who does not have a photo ID to vote with a provisional ballot, which would not be counted until the voter’s identity is verified.  

John Scott with the Secretary of State’s office says that would still repress Missouri voters.

Southeast Prepares To Demolish Handball Court

Jan 29, 2013
Colby Powell / KRCU

A Cape Girardeau landmark will soon meet its end, making way  for a new dormitory at Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus. 

St.Louis Public Radio / Missouri Department of Transportation

With work underway on the new bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois via I-70 in Downtown St. Louis, politicians and community members are debating an important issue: what to name the bridge, or rather, after whom.


Governor Nixon Proposes $26 Billion Budget In State Of The State Address

Jan 29, 2013
Tim Bommel / Mo. House Communications

Governor Jay Nixon pitched a nearly $26 billion budget to the state of Missouri during Monday’s State of the State Address.  It includes spending increases for K-through-12 schools, Higher Education, and the proposed Medicaid expansion he’s been calling for since late November.  

Buckner Brewing Company Plans Its “Last Call”

Jan 28, 2013
Buckner Brewing Company

After 14 years in business, Buckner Brewing Company will close Sunday.

In a news release given Monday the restaurant and microbrewery owners, Phil Brinson and Mark Sprigg, made the difficult decision to serve their last beer on February 3. Sprigg wants to move away to be closer to family, while Brinson will focus on his attention towards his venture, Jeremiah’s, in Sikeston.

Kander Makes Changes To Initiative Process

Jan 28, 2013
Missouri Secretary Of State

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (D) has made changes to the initiative petition process.

Effective immediately, the Secretary of State’s office will begin posting initiative petitions to its website before the summary language is written.  Kander has also authorized 5-day comment periods that will begin the same day the initiative petitions are posted.

Robots Swarm Show Me Center

Jan 28, 2013
Jacob McCleland / KRCU

Little robots whizzed across the floor of the Show Me Center this Saturday for the FIRST Tech Robotics Challenge.


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