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Sydney Waters

Sydney Waters

Host - Consumer Handbook

Sydney Waters is the new Regional Director of Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau and responsible for outreach efforts in Southern Illinois and Eastern and Southwest Missouri.

Waters is a Southern Illinois native who brings a wealth of experience in nonprofit outreach, marketing, and volunteer and event coordination in the Cape Girardeau area to her role.

She obtained her degree at the University of West Florida in Pensacola and worked there for several years before moving back to Southern Illinois in 2019 to raise her family.

Before her role with BBB, Waters worked in the international horticultural world and for the National Park Service. Most recently, she served as an events and volunteer coordinator for Old Town Cape Inc., a downtown revitalization and historic preservation-focused nonprofit representing 130 blocks, 4,500 residents, and 300+ businesses and organizations in downtown Cape Girardeau.

  • First reported in Australia and Ireland late last year, the ruse has made its way to North America. A recently deceased Quincy, Illinois, woman had a Facebook page made to promote a live stream of her funeral. The scammer behind the creation of the live stream sent friend requests to people to help promote the website associated with the live stream.
  • You may be making plans to clean up the physical clutter in your house this spring, but what about the digital clutter on your phone or computer?
  • While prospective college students await their highly anticipated acceptance letters this spring, they're also starting to think about finding financial aid. Some companies offer scholarship opportunities or help finding aid for a fee, but are they really the best option for students?
  • Flooding is the single most common weather-related natural disaster. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), floods occur in every U.S. state and territory and take more lives each year than tornados, hurricanes, or lightening.
  • A beautiful lawn can be both appealing and environmentally friendly, but it can take a lot of work and be a tricky project, and the best of circumstances can still be challenging. Extreme weather, dull lawnmower blades, bugs, pests, and heavy foot traffic can all lead to a lawn that needs extra care.
  • Summer camp is a safe environment for kids to develop social skills, grow a bit of independence, and experience the outdoors. At a top-quality camp, parents should be able to trust the staff with their children's health and safety so everyone can focus on having a great summer.
  • SAT and ACT scores are a big deal, and high school students and their families invest significant time and money into preparing for these college admissions tests. Scammers know this, and BBB has received reports of scammers taking advantage of students by tricking their families into paying for bogus SAT and ACT prep materials.
  • Planning to go see the upcoming total solar eclipse? Be wary of scams when you're shopping for eclipse glasses and lodging.
  • Can you recognize AI-made content when you see it? Edited images and videos are nothing new – but generative AI tools are making it faster and easier for people to create text, images and videos from scratch.
  • Shopping for the perfect dress is crucial to a wedding or prom. But like many purchases with a big price tag – and high stakes – a lot can go wrong. Buying a wedding dress or prom dress can come with unexpected expenses, delayed orders, surprise policies, and unwanted stress before a big event.