Missouri Lawmakers Investigating Management Of Department Of Social Services

Apr 16, 2021
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Missouri lawmakers are investigating the management of the Department of Social Services for concerns over lack of oversight and transparency.

The Kansas City Star broke a story last summer about child abuse at residential youth homes. Missouri lawmakers have made investigating the department a focus this session, and they are looking beyond the homes.

Two parents whose children were taken by DSS, testified at a Missouri House Special Committee on Government Oversight hearing Wednesday afternoon. They discussed the need for more department accountability.

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Did you receive a text with a survey about your vaccine? It’s one of those scams that just keeps reappearing, each time with a new twist. This time, the phony survey claims to be from pharmaceutical company Pfizer, with questions about their COVID-19 vaccine. 

In this scam, you receive an email or text message that claims to be from Pfizer, one of the pharmaceutical companies producing an approved COVID-19 vaccine. In some versions, the message claims that you will receive money for completing a quick survey. Other versions offer a "free" product. 

Missouri HB 543 Would Allow Students To Enroll In Public Schools Outside Of Home Districts

Apr 15, 2021
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Parents looking for different public education opportunities for their children could soon have more options within Missouri. House Bill 543 would allow for students to enroll in schools outside their home districts.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Brad Pollitt, says the bill is a step in the right direction for public education reform.

Mike Wood, a representative from the Missouri State Teachers Association, testified in opposition to the bill. Wood says small school districts might face consolidation as a result of students leaving for larger districts.


The definition of illegal stalking would be expanded to include social media and other technology under a proposed law that passed the House and was debated by a Senate committee on Monday.

Lane Roberts, a Republican from Joplin, said the bill expands the kind of conduct that is illegal.

“All this does is modify the definition of ‘course of conduct’. Makes it more specific so that we account for the use of technology and third parties for stalking purposes.”

Updated 04/11/21: The Precautionary Boil Advisory affecting 14,000 customers has been lifted. The water was tested on Sat. Apr. 10, after a pipe was broken by a contractor, and found clean and safe. Customers may now drink and use water normally.  

Late Friday afternoon, a 12 inch water line was breached at William and Lorimier streets in Cape Girardeau.