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SEMO Spotlight

SEMO Spotlight highlights alumni, students, faculty and staff and their successes.

Latest Episodes
  • At Southeast Missouri State University, Computer Science major Shruthi Sepuri talks about her work as a graduate assistant in the Chemistry division. She keeps an eye on her academic development and employs a variety of skills to function as a teaching assistant. She discussed her lecturers and how they helped her with assignments.
  • Vishwanath Varma Indukuri, a Computer Science major at Southeast Missouri State University, discusses his position as a graduate assistant in the same department. He oversees his own academic progress and works as a teaching assistant using a variety of talents. He talked about his professors and how they assisted him with tasks. He talked about the study papers he had written for Professor Rashmi Mitra.
  • Chandrakanth Bogra, a Computer Science Major at Southeast Missouri State University, discusses his work as a Graduate Assistant in Mathematics Department. He conducts research himself and works as a teaching assistant using his skills in many fields. He is very good at numbers and calculations, which he learned in his undergraduate degree, which helps him to make his work great. He talked about his career and opportunities in IT, his hobbies, and how Semo played an important role in his life.
  • Tafadzwa Mlambo, a cybersecurity major at Southeast Missouri State University, talks about his job as an Graduate Assistant in the Career Services Department. He manages his own studies and uses his skills in many fields to work as a teaching assistant. He is also the president of the International Student Association and has shown interest in learning about other cultures and traditions.
  • Miranda Sullivan has been with SEMO's Professional Pilot Program since its launch in 2021.
  • Mercy Lubeju, who is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences, shared her experience as a student ambassador for international students. She talked about her role and responsibilities in her work and the process of becoming a student ambassador. She talked about interacting with international students and student life experiences at Southeast Missouri State University.
  • Dr. Tamara Zellars Buck is an award-winning faculty member, Dean of Mass Media at Southeast Missouri State University, as well as a proud SEMO alumna. Tamara shares her journey to SEMO, and her passion for journalism, helping her shape her professional future in media, as well as the students she teaches and mentors.
  • Mohammed Osman describes his work as a student assistant at the Office of International Education and Services. He manages his studies and works as a student assistant with his skills in many fields.
  • Ruchika Sharma, a Master of Science and Management major at Southeast Missouri State University, discusses her experience as a Graduate Assistant at International Admissions. With her skills in several departments, she manages her academics and works as a Graduate Assistant.
  • Nguvan Mercy Agaigbe discusses her studies for a Master of Natural Science at Southeast Missouri State University and her work as a Graduate Assistant in the Biology Department. She manages her studies and holds a position as a Teaching Assistant using her expertise across many fields.