Fractured Into Factions? What The Founders Feared About Impeachment

As the Founding Fathers were drafting the U.S. Constitution, they were explicitly trying to avoid a repeat of the situation they had just fought a war to free themselves from — a ruler with unchecked power. While they wrote a bare minimum about impeachment in the country's essential governing document, other writings from the time provide rich insights about their intentions. In Federalist No. 69 , Alexander Hamilton described impeachment essentially as a release valve from another "crisis of...

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Let's Talk Business: Cape Regional Airport Soaring

Many exciting changes are coming to the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport as boarding numbers continue to rise. About two years ago, the Cape City Council followed a recommendation from the Airport Board to change carriers to Sky West – a United Airlines affiliate – and begin jet service to Chicago O’Hare. The FAA agreed and flights to Chicago began. Just recently, airport manager Bruce Loy announced boardings have topped the 10,000 mark in 2019. This is an important number as it allows the...

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Pete Townshend: Not only is he the major creative force behind The Who, but he's also released several of his own solo records, prompted the first-known use of the term "rock opera" (for 1969's Tommy) and he's even credited with being the first person to smash a guitar on stage.

An estimated 600 pro-democracy protesters are locked in a violent standoff with police at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus, according to the student body president. Protesters lost ground when police stormed the school; now some hope to escape, and others are asking supporters to come help.

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After California wine industry mogul Hugh Reimers illegally destroyed at least 140 acres of forest, meadow and stream in part to make way for new vineyards sometime last winter, according to a report from state investigators, state officials ordered the former executive of Jackson Family Wines to repair and mi

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For many people, turning on the tap or flushing the toilet is something we take for granted. But a report released Monday, called "Closing the Water Access Gap in the United States," shows that more than 2 million Americans live without these conveniences and that Native Americans are more likely to have trouble accessing water than any other group.

Sophie Vershbow has seen her share of "OK, boomer" memes in recent weeks. The phrase that's suddenly everywhere is meant to convey a fundamental disconnect between younger generations and baby boomers who cling to outdated, off-base ideas.

To Vershbow, a 30-year-old social media manager, the sentiment behind the memes is this: "I think it's a dismissive, 'OK, whatever you say.' "


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'Ford v Ferrari' Will Get Your Heart Racing

In a deliciously digressive sequence of the rollicking Ford v Ferrari , Mollie ( Outlander 's Caitriona Balfe), the otherwise supportive wife of test car driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), treats her husband to a taste of his own medicine after he unilaterally takes what ought to have been a joint family decision. Exasperated, Mollie propels Ken into a hair-raising speed-ride through hairpin bends in the staid family car. The joke is that Ken, a congenital speed freak who also loves his wife...

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