Trump: Governors Should Be 'Appreciative' Of Federal Coronavirus Efforts

Updated at 7:40 p.m. ET President Trump signed an historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief package on Friday just hours after the House approved it amidst the deepening crisis over the pandemic. "This will deliver urgently needed relief to our nation's families, workers and businesses. And that's what this is all about," Trump said at a signing ceremony in the Oval Office. The legislation signed on Friday was the subject of bipartisan agreement in Congress and is one of the largest relief...

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Two-Minute Drill: Brad Korn Introduced as Men’s Basketball Head Coach

Director of Athletics Brady Barke named Brad Korn the new head men's basketball coach at Southeast Missouri earlier this week. Korn was formally introduced on Tuesday during a virtual press conference streamed live on Facebook. The seventh head coach in SEMO's NCAA Division I men's basketball era, Korn agreed to a five-year contract.

Barke described Korn as a winner with an incredible knack for building relationships with student-athletes, while developing them both on and off...

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Consumer Handbook: False Advertising And Price Gouging Are Unfair, Sometimes Illegal

With coronavirus cases continuing to climb and hospitals facing the prospect of having to decide how to allocate limited staff and resources, the Department of Health and Human Services is reminding states and health care providers that civil rights laws still apply in a pandemic.

States are preparing for a situation when there's not enough care to go around by issuing "crisis of care" standards.

But disability groups are worried that those standards will allow rationing decisions that exclude the elderly or people with disabilities.

The World Health Organization says the virus that causes COVID-19 doesn't seem to linger in the air or be capable of spreading through the air over distances more than about three feet.

But at least one expert in virus transmission said it's way too soon to know that.

Last month, Habibi released Anywhere But Here, the band's first full-length album since its self-titled debut in 2014. Just like that first record and the EPs and singles over the past six years, the new album is full of Habibi's signature mix of psychedelic rock and Iranian music.

Joe Wick's Fitness Tips For Self-Isolation

5 hours ago

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with fitness coach Joe Wicks about his new at-home, online workout for kids, "P.E. with Joe."

Your Anti-Anxiety Playlist

5 hours ago

Listeners tell us the music that helps them de-stress during this life-changing time.

Countries all over the world are being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We hear how nations in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are responding.

Hippos can get hungry. Very hungry. So when zoos shut their doors to the public because of the coronavirus, zookeepers keep showing up to work to make sure everyone is fed.

Jenna Wingate feeds Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo's 3-year-old, 1,300-pound hippo. Fiona was born premature, and Wingate has been looking after her since two hours after she was born.

Apple's new COVID-19 website and app allow users to screen themselves for coronavirus symptoms and receive recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on what to do next.

The tool was developed in partnership with the CDC, the White House's coronavirus task force and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Both the website and the app were made publicly available on Friday.

The hospital ship USNS Comfort got underway from its pier in Norfolk, Va., on Saturday after a pomp-filled benediction by President Trump complete with a coterie of American flags and a military band.

The ship is scheduled to arrive in New York City on Monday to offer its roughly 1,000 hospital beds as surge capacity for the region hardest hit by the coronavirus disaster.

Patients without the disease can get treatment aboard the ship, the president said, freeing up treatment centers ashore for sufferers in the pandemic.

Updated at 9:01 p.m. ET

After broaching the possibility of quarantining New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, President Trump backtracked late Saturday, saying a "quarantine will not be necessary."

Earlier in the day, the president said he was "looking at" quarantining New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut because they had developed as "hot spots" of the coronavirus outbreak.


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Wednesday, Mar. 25 // "Post-Traumatic Growth" Class With Yoga East Healing Arts

Yoga East Healing Arts Studio will host a class titled “Post-Traumatic Growth: Going Beyond Resilience in Uncertain Times” on March 25. It's easy to use the current circumstances for worry and discomfort, but it is possible to use them for positive change in our lives. This class will help you navigate your uncertainty and cultivate healthy and mindful practices. A guided mindful meditation will be included. This class will be available in-person at Yoga East Healing Arts Studio in downtown...

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Almeta Ingram-Miller On The Ingramettes And The Power Of Gospel During Crisis

Gospel music has always been a source of refuge and hope, and no one knows that better than Almeta Ingram-Miller: Her mother, Maggie Ingram, was known as the Gospel Queen of Richmond, Va. In 1961, she founded one of America's most celebrated gospel groups, Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes, which performed together for more than five decades. The Ingramettes stopped recording after Maggie Ingram's death in 2015. Now, with Take A Look in the Book , Almeta Ingram-Miller is bringing back her...

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