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Day Sponsor

You can choose the date that your message will air.

KRCU Personal Day Sponsorship

$150 Pledge

KRCU is glad to offer the PERSONAL DAY SPONSORSHIP as a unique opportunity to our members who pledge $150 or more.


1. PERSONAL DAY SPONSORS can honor a person or event.

  • Person (Spouse, Parent, Child, etc.)
  • Event (Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Graduation, etc.)

2. PERSONAL DAY SPONSORS will be recognized with 6 on-air announcements on the day of their choice.

  • Only one PERSONAL DAY SPONSOR will be announced each day
  • Pledge early to reserve your day
  • Must be scheduled within the next 365 days

3. Here are two examples of a PERSONAL DAY SPONSORSHIP message:

  • Today’s programming on KRCU is made possible in part by Joe Pledger who would like to recognize his son Billy’s 10th birthday.
  • Today’s programming on KRCU is made possible in part by Mr. & Mrs. Annual Member who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.


  • CANNOT be anonymous. The name of the person making the pledge must be mentioned in the announcement.
  • CANNOT contain a call to action or be promotional
  • CANNOT be used to recognize a business or as an underwriting message.
  • CANNOT be used as an advocacy message or express an opinion related to an item of public importance or interest.

Messages are subject to approval by the KRCU staff and must comply with FCC rules for public radio stations.

If you would like to become a PERSONAL DAY SPONSOR, just call (573) 651-5070 or make a gift of $150 or more to become a PERSONAL DAY SPONSOR.