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Caffé Concerto
Weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Whether it's a morsel of Mozart, a bite of Beethoven, a helping of Handel, a dollup of Dvorak, or a scoop of Schubert, you'll find it at the Caffé Concerto. Advance reservations are not necessary.

Your server at the Caffé Concerto is Tom Harte whose culinary perspective on classical music is a natural outgrowth of his interest in food. An award-winning cook, Tom also writes a food column for the Southeast Missourian and was a founder of My Daddy's Cheesecake, a dessert emporium in Cape Girardeau.

Each sitting at the Caffé Concerto begins with a short musical hors d'oeuvre and then proceeds to a longer main course, typically a symphony. Each sitting concludes on a sweet note with a melodic dessert. Also featured on each day’s menu of finely prepared classical music is a concerto du jour. 

Like other establishments, the Caffé honors birthdays (of famous composers only), offers holiday theme menus, plays host to guest chefs and conducts special events.

If you’d like to be a Guest Chef at the Caffé . . . just give us a list of your 6-10 favorite classical works with a note about why you like them and a bit of information about yourself and we'll do the rest. Your "menu" will be featured at the Caffe and you'll be identified as the "Guest Chef" of the day.

To get started, let us know:
• A little about yourself, particularly your classical music interests.
• Identify your favorite classical works and tell us why you chose them.

Send an e-mail to comments@krcu.org - and that's it.