Betty Martin

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Betty Martin was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a Lutheran pastor and his organist wife. Betty’s love of books was inspired by her father who read to all four children each night.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in American History in 1975, she followed her mother’s advice and earned a Masters in Library Science from the Southern Connecticut State University. In her first professional library position she served as  the children’s librarian for the Wallingford Public Library in Wallingford, Connecticut, for fifteen years.

In 1992 she moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where she served as a Regional Youth Services Coordinator for the St. Louis Public Library. She moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1994 to marry Mark Martin and was hired by the Cape Girardeau Public Library to serve as the Adult Services Coordinator which she did for three years until being promoted to director. She served as director for twenty-one years and counts leading the organization through a building project as the highlight of her career.

She retired in July of 2018 and now has plenty of time to read. Her reading tastes lean towards historical fiction, any well-written novel with quirky characters and a few nonfiction titles. Her ultimate hope in recording book reviews is that, someday, someone will make an action figure of her just like Nancy Pearl has, or maybe a bobble-head.

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“In the history of her times, Mary Edmonds is only the faintest of whispers. You won’t find her included in any of the standard biographies of Aaron Burr. No known eighteenth century documents, diaries, or letters mention her. No record of their marriage remains, nor of Aaron Burr acknowledging either her or their children, or offering them his financial support. Yet she survived through her children, and the memories of her descendants.”

“Long ago, when I was a junior high school student in Iowa, I remember being taught by a biology teacher that all the chemicals that make up a human body could be bought in a hardware store for $5.00 or something like that.”

I’m Betty Martin with "Martin’s Must Reads" and those are the first lines to Bill Bryson’s newest book The Body: A Guide For Occupants.

It seems that one of the perks of reviewing books for a public radio station is to receive complimentary copies of upcoming new books.  That’s what possessed me to read today’s suspense title .. a genre I don’t usually indulge in because, well, I like to sleep at night!

I’m Betty Martin with "Martin’s Must Reads" and today I’m reviewing You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. It’s a suspense novel about eight women, seven of whom are friends, in a very unique type of club.

“We hold a piece of women’s history in our hands every day... a piece of history created - in a roundabout fashion - by Hedy Lamarr.”

I’m Betty Martin with "Martin’s Must Reads" and that’s a quote from the Author’s Note of Marie Benedict’s novel The Only Woman in the Room. It’s based on the life of Hedy Kiesler, or as we know her from the American film industry, Hedy Lamarr.

Are you looking for a funny, smart, page-turning novel that will make you laugh and gasp? Then I’ve just the book for you.

I’m Betty Martin with Martin’s Must Reads and that book is the bestseller Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane  Moriarty.

Nine adults, each with their own reasons, converge on a remote Australian health resort for the “10 Day Transformation” package. Some are suffering from the loss of a loved one or a relationship, some need to lose weight, and some just need an outlook adjustment.