Calls For Change Follow NPR/'Frontline' Black Lung Investigation

Thousands of coal miners are dying from an advanced form of black lung disease, and federal regulators could have prevented it if they had paid closer attention to their own data. That's the conclusion of a joint NPR/ Frontline investigation that aired last month and continues Tuesday night on PBS. The regulatory system that is supposed to protect coal miners from exposure to toxic silica dust failed to prevent dangerous exposures more than 21,000 times since 1986, according to data collected...

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All About Cape: Fun for All Ages

The Harlem Globetrotters may have left town, but basketball season is still in full swing for our high school teams and the Southeast Redhawks, who have January 24 and 26 home games. But the place to see the youngest up-and-comers is at the Reebok Cape Girardeau Winter Slam Tournament on January 26 and 27 at the SportsPlex. Athletes between second and eighth grades take the court and go head-to-head for the championship. You may see future NBA or WNBA players at the start of their career. If...

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A Harte Appetite: The Origins of Oatmeal

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Let's Talk Business: Changes to Economic Development and Workforce in Missouri

Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun is being detained by Chinese authorities, according to Australia's Embassy in Beijing. Yang was reportedly taken into custody immediately after flying from New York to China on Saturday. Since then, the democracy advocate's normally active Twitter feed has fallen silent.

Denver Teachers Vote To Authorize A Strike

30 minutes ago

The teachers union in Denver has voted to approve a strike that could begin as soon as Jan. 28. It would be the first time the city has seen a teacher strike in almost 25 years.

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association finished voting late Tuesday after more than a year of negotiations between the union and the district, which have failed to yield an agreement.

Luigi Disisto is a 47-year-old autistic man who lives at a private special education center based in suburban Boston best known for being the only school in the country that shocks its disabled students to control their behavior.

Disisto wears a backpack equipped with a battery and wires that are attached to his body to deliver a two-second shock if he misbehaves.

The controversial practice at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center has pitted family members who swear it has been the only way to control their loved ones against critics who call it torture.

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Mexico's homicide rate continued to skyrocket last year, making 2018 the deadliest on record for the country with an average of 91 deaths a day.

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In the city of Kabul, Afghanistan, there is a "green, leafy oasis" called Shahr-e Naw Park — a place that briefly became a staging ground for conservation scientists.

In The Snow Leopard Project and other Adventures in Warzone Conservation, Alex Dehgan describes how his Wildlife Conservation Society team hid stuffed animals throughout the park, simulating as best they could the wildlife the scientists might find on their upcoming survey mission in a remote, rugged province called Nuristan.

Zimbabwe forces have engaged in "systematic torture" of protesters, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has found. The torture, mostly consisting of "indiscriminate and severe beatings," follows several days of looting, fires and street barricades by protesters angry over high fuel prices.

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Russell Baker, the Pulitzer Prize winning writer who penned thousands of columns for The New York Times, and hosted the PBS television program "Masterpiece Theatre," died Monday at his home in Leesburg, Va. He was 93.


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Breezy And Irreverent 'Brexit' Captures Big Truths About Today's Politics

It's impossible to talk about Great Britain these days without talking about Brexit , the United Kingdom's pending departure from the European Union. Of course, it's easier to say you're leaving a longtime partnership than to do it, and two and a half years after the referendum that decided the issue, what leaving means is still unknown. Just this Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a humiliating defeat when parliament overwhelmingly rejected the blueprint for departure that she'd...

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