Political news

Low water levels on the Mississippi River are forcing commodities off of barges and onto trucks and trains. And the Chicago Sun Times Kara Spak reports consumers will feel the pinch.

The Associated Press reports a federal judge will not issue a preliminary injunction to block enforcement of a Missouri law that makes it a misdemeanor crime to disturb worship services.

The Cape Girardeau City Council on October 1, 2012.
Jacob McCleland / KRCU

The Cape Girardeau City Council sealed the deal on one long-simmering ordinance and put another on next April’s ballot. In addition, the council will now look at new scooter safety laws and underage drinking.

The council unanimously approved the new rental inspection ordinance that establishes minimum property standards for rental units. The ordinance was cruising towards passage last month until realtors voiced objections, saying the language was too vague. By Monday night, realtors and council had smoothed over their concerns and reached a compromise.

According to Southeast Missourian's Scott Moyers, the Cape Girardeau City Council will considering a requirement for scooter riders to wear helmets. Sarina Webb brought the idea to City Council representative Mark Lanzotti, who gives his full support. Webb will speak at the council's study session at 5.p.m. today.

Cape Girardeau police cannot enforce a city ordinance that bans placing handbills on windshields. The Southeast Missourian's Scott Moyers reports federal judge John Ross issued the preliminary injunction after the Ku Klux Klan sued the city, citing infringement of free speech.