Cape Girardeau Police Department

Last year has been described as a time of racial reckoning for police departments across the country and the communities they serve. KRCU’s Clayton Hester spoke to Sgt. Joey Hann of the Cape Girardeau police department about the relationship between the city and its law enforcement.

City of Cape Girardeau / Cape Girardeau Police Department

President Donald Trump signed an executive order last Tuesday to address concerns raised by national protests about policing. 

In recent weeks, KRCU’s Clayton Hester spoke to Sgt. Joey Hann of the Cape Girardeau Police Department about community policing and what has been happening around the country.
He spoke with Hann again about the effect the order will have on his department.

Marine Perot / KRCU

With protests around the country bringing a light to the treatment of African Americans by law enforcements, Cape Girardeau has seen protests of its own. 

Sgt. Joey Hann of the Cape Girardeau Police Department spoke to KRCU about community policing. 

He says that the police department is trained in cultural diversity, going “above and beyond our mandatory amount of training.”

He says during this time in which anti-racism demonstrations are taking place, law enforcement has taken action to help prevent conflict.

Last week, police conducted a traffic stop at the 500 block of Sprigg Street in Cape Girardeau and found almost 500 grams of methamphetamine in the vehicle.

Officers searched the vehicle, which had committed a dangerous traffic violation around 10 a.m. After one of their K9’s conducted a free sniff around the outside of the car, officers recovered a 9 mm pistol, a bag of methamphetamine weighing 456 grams, additional bags of the drug collectively weighing 32 grams, and a small bag of heroine. 

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As part of the Missouri State Highway Patrol campaign, “Move Over or Get Pulled Over,” the Cape Girardeau Police Department will be enforcing traffic violations along Interstate 55 on Tuesday, July 9.

The campaign is aimed at keeping motorists and emergency workers safe.