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Going Public: Cape PD's Sgt. Joey Hann Talks President Trump's Executive Order, Effects On Policing

City of Cape Girardeau
Cape Girardeau Police Department

President Donald Trump signed an executive order last Tuesday to address concerns raised by national protests about policing. 

In recent weeks, KRCU’s Clayton Hester spoke to Sgt. Joey Hann of the Cape Girardeau Police Department about community policing and what has been happening around the country.
He spoke with Hann again about the effect the order will have on his department.

Hann said the Cape Girardeau Police Department is ahead of the executive order, and for the city’s law enforcement, it will mean only adjustments. 

One of the items addressed in the order, he said, includes information sharing in a national database that tracks the use of force.

“We would contribute our numbers to that as well, which we already do on a federal level,” Hann said, “but this would be something that will be more open to the public, so that people can see this, and it’s not tucked away behind individual department files.”

Among the other things addressed, he said, are procedures like crisis intervention training and the use of co-responders such as counselors.