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Corporal Ryan Droege Named New Public Information Officer For Cape Girardeau Police Department

Southeast Missouri State University

As Public Information Officer, Cpl. Ryan Droege will take over for Lt. Joey Hann, who has served with the Cape Girardeau Police Dept. for 15 years. Hann has been promoted to serve in his new role as Patrol Division Commander with Cape PD.

Corporal Ryan Droege has been named as the Cape Girardeau Police Department’s new Public Information Officer.

Droege has worked with the Cape Girardeau Police Department for 11 years.

Droege was personally selected by Sergeant Joey Hann, the original position holder of 15 years.

Sgt. Hann’s last day as Public Information Officer was February 10. Hann will transition to monitoring the Patrol District for the rest of the week.

As Public Information Officer Droege will work to provide clear and concise communication on timely information to government agencies, news media outlets, and the general public.

“The Cape Girardeau Police Department’s training and public information office is being left in the extremely capable hands of Corporal Ryan Droege,” said Sgt. Hann. “Corporal Droege is a true public servant and a consummate professional. I know you will find his quality and his quantity of work very impressive.”

Droege is also an Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice, Social Work & Sociology at Southeast Missouri State University.

In addition to his Certificate in Crime Analysis, Droege received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in English Literature and a Master’s in Public Administration at Southeast.

Droege mentioned that his studies and background in education will contribute to the skills required to fill the new role.

“The bulk of my duty as the PIO is to keep the public up to date with information about their community,” said Droege. “Teaching is the art of conveying information to a wide, diverse audience and those same skills are necessary for this job as well.”

Corporal Droege is currently completing PIO boot camp, and began his new role on the morning of Friday, February 11.