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City Of Cape Girardeau Designates Marked Areas For Managed Deer Hunting Season

City of Cape Girardeau

This story was updated on 10/21/21 to provide further clarification on the hunting permitting system for managed deer hunts in Missouri.

The City of Cape Girardeau has announced specific dates and locations for the region's fall deer hunting season. 

The City of Cape decided on managed deer hunting designations to support healthy wildlife population control and prevent starvation, as well as reducing the spread of diseases. 

The managed harvest season will be limited to Nov. 1 - Dec. 5 in a few natural areas on the fringe of city limits, which will be clearly marked. Hunting will be limited to individuals who have already obtained one of 40 available deer tags, from the Missouri Department of Conservation lottery-based hunting permit system, and attended a Cape-specific safety meeting.

During the limited season, only archery devices will be allowed, and no firearms will be permitted.

Non-hunters are asked to stay out of the designated, managed, deer hunting areas during this period for their safety.

According to the City of Cape's website, the issue was originally researched by staff in 2011, and the Council passed an ordinance in 2012. But, when put to a vote of the people (by a citizen-driven referendum petition) in 2013, it was defeated-- 1,486 votes to 1,278. 

A survey on Nextdoor in October 2020 with 224 responses, favored deer hunting by a slim margin at 50.89%. 
The public input survey leading up to the current ordinance garnered 112 responses, with 53% of votes against any deer hunting at all, and 44.6% in favor. 

The final version of the managed, City of Cape deer hunting ordinance, designated five properties totaling over 76.15 acres.
A full list of hunting boundaries and qualifications are available on the Missouri Department of Conservation's website.


Credit City of Cape Girardeau
Urban Deer Hunting Boundaries And Map For City of Cape Girardeau - Beginning Nov. 1st



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