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Every Monday at 6:42 a.m. and 8:42 a.m., John Mehner provides information on what's happening in the area of regional development in Southeast Missouri. John is the President and CEO of the Cape Chamber.

Local support for Let's Talk Business comes from SEMO CPA Company, located in Downtown Cape Girardeau.

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Cape Chamber

Many exciting changes are coming to the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport as boarding numbers continue to rise.

Cape Chamber

You have an opportunity to affect economic development and make a big difference in the local economy in the next 60 days.

Believe it or not, holiday shopping season is upon us. November and December are huge months for the retail industry. You play an important role in the success of our retail businesses. I realize it is very easy to order from Amazon or some other mega online retail source. But before you do so, please consider what the local shops have to offer.

Cape Chamber

Location, location, location – the phrase is well-known in real estate AND in economic development.

Missouri is in a great geographic position with its location in the center of the United States. This should be a huge advantage in economic development. We are rich in many transportation resources including rivers, rail, highways, airports, and river ports. However, our transportation infrastructure is struggling.

Cape Chamber

The research is in and there are major benefits in having diversity on work teams.

If you have the pleasure of having racial, gender, and age diversity on the team you work with, you probably understand my opening line. Either way, let’s look at some of the ways diverse work teams produce better results and add to the profitability of a business.

Southeast Missouri State University

This is a big week for Southeast Missouri State University and the entire Cape Girardeau region.

Monday, October 21 through Saturday, October 26, is Homecoming week for the University. This is an exciting annual event that provides lots of opportunities for alumni and the general public. These include an Alumni Coffee and Donuts event, many fraternity and sorority gatherings, the Copper Dome Dinner, the Homecoming parade, and, of course, Saturday’s football game against UT Martin.