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With less than two weeks until voting concludes, President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will face off for the final time in a debate on Thursday, likely marking Trump's last chance to reach a massive audience as he trails Biden in polls nationally and in key states.

LGBTQ+ Caucus At The UC

Oct 20, 2020
Photo by: Josh Seabaugh, Southeast Arrow Reporter

The 2020 Presidential Election is different from the elections before it, as the pandemic still affects the world. And for many Southeast students, it will be the first Presidential Election they can take part in. When running for president, candidates have to appeal to specific groups of voters. One such group is the LGBTQ+ community. To discuss the upcoming election, an event called the LGBTQ+ Caucus was held by the LGBTQ+ Resource Center on Oct. 14.

Missouri rejected 544 ballots during the August 2020 primary because they weren't notarized, according to data from the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

It’s a small number among the almost 5,000 absentee ballots rejected — and the votes wouldn’t have made a difference in any of the races. Most weren’t counted because the ballot arrived after the deadline or the ballot envelope wasn’t signed.

But it adds fire to the claims by voting rights groups that the new law is confusing and an unnecessary extra step in a process that may already be challenging to some voters.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway has never met Sheryl Crow — but that didn’t stop Missouri Republicans from accusing Galloway of being “cozy” with the pop star in a recent attack ad designed to derail her campaign for governor.

Asked about the ad on Tuesday’s St. Louis on the Air, Galloway laughed.

Two years ago, when the Clean Missouri campaign asked Missouri voters if they wanted an overhaul of the state’s legislative redistricting system, plus some new limits on campaign finance and lobbyist gifts, the answer was a clear yes. A strong majority voted in favor of Amendment 1 on Nov.