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For the first time in a decade Congress will hold a hearing Wednesday on the subject of reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States, a topic that has gained traction in the run-up to the 2020 elections.

The hearing is set for June 19, also known as "Juneteenth," the day when in 1865 former enslaved people in Texas first learned that they had been emancipated two years earlier.

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Summer break for Missouri legislators started a month ago today. The 2019 legislative session was a dense one, and in that last week, they finished a bridge-repair bonding plan, completed language for the HB 126 abortion bill, and completed a proposal to establish term limits for statewide officials, among other things. In this episode of Going Public, we speak with State Rep.

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When Missouri lawmakers passed restrictive abortion legislation mid-May, those who were watching the news roll in may have also come across a video of Rep. Barry Hovis using the phrase “consensual rape” during a debate on the Senate floor.

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During a Wednesday meeting, the Jackson Planning and Zoning Commission discussed how far future medical marijuana facilities should be placed away from churches, schools, and daycares in the city.

City of Cape Girardeau

Each month, we sit down with Cape Girardeau mayor Bob Fox for an update on what's happening in city government. In our latest conversation, we discussed the FY2020 budget, as well as medical marijuana buffer zones for future facilities.