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United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement



Immigration and Customs Enforcement has rescinded a policy it announced on July 6 that international students would not be allowed back into the country if their college or university is doing only online classes.


Executive Director of International Education and Services Kevin Timlin says Southeast was likely not going to be affected when the order was moving forward because of its hybridized courses. 

The Southeast Missouri Food Bank has been busy working to meet the needs of many individuals and families in the region because of the pandemic. We spoke with Lisa Church who serves as the Chief Advancement Officer.

Lisa told us that the food bank serves 16 counties in southeast Missouri which equates to around 370,000 people. "And this is an area of Missouri that has some of the highest rates of hunger in the entire state." 

Southeast Missouri State University

COVID-19 remains top of mind among the leadership at Southeast Missouri State University. Southeast recently announced its plans for late summer and the fall 2020 semester with the goal of mitigating the risk of COVID-19 on the campus.

To learn more about the plan and how it was developed, we spoke with Dr. Carlos Vargas, President of Southeast Missouri State University and Kathy Mangels, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Clayton Hester / KRCU

Cape Girardeau has been talking lately about its Confederate monument in Ivers Square, located on the lawn of the Common Pleas Courthouse, which is being renovated into the new city hall.

Marine Perot / KRCU

With protests around the country bringing a light to the treatment of African Americans by law enforcements, Cape Girardeau has seen protests of its own. 

Sgt. Joey Hann of the Cape Girardeau Police Department spoke to KRCU about community policing. 

He says that the police department is trained in cultural diversity, going “above and beyond our mandatory amount of training.”

He says during this time in which anti-racism demonstrations are taking place, law enforcement has taken action to help prevent conflict.