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Every Tuesday at 6:42 a.m. and 8:42 a.m., Brenda Newbern provides a rundown of some of the events happening in the Cape Girardeau Area. Brenda is the Executive Director of the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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If you’re visiting for Thanksgiving, welcome back.

We’re kicking things off at 8 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, November 22 with the Gobble Wobble at the Osage Centre. This 5K run and two-mile walk is the perfect way to burn calories so you don’t feel guilty about pigging out later.

If your favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend is Black Friday, sales are going on all over town – some of them beginning Thursday night.

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There’s good news and bad news. First the bad news: Football season is coming to a close very soon, with the Redhawks’ regular season ending on Saturday, November 17. But that means it’s basketball time now! The season begins with Southeast’s first non-exhibition home game on Monday, November 12. It’s exciting, high-energy fun designed to make every family member – from oldest to youngest – smile and cheer.

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The mayor’s missing. No, not Mayor Fox; he’s perfectly fine. I’m talking about Mayor Goodway from Adventure Bay. He disappeared during the Great Adventure Bay Race, and Marshall, Skye and Chase are out to find him before time runs out.

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In case you haven't noticed yet, fall is in the air. And it's prettiest on the Mississippi River - with bright leaves and rippling waves. Remember how you felt as a kid jumping in a pile of leaves? You can experience that same euphoria by exploring Cape Girardeau's autumn scenery - some of the most stunning around.

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With the weather cooling down, it’s time to clean the summer clothes out of your closet and upgrade your autumn wear – boots, scarves and the all-time favorite hoodies.

Whether you’re looking for business staples or loungewear, Cape Girardeau is the place to shop if you want to look like a star. Seriously. When “Gone Girl” filmed in town a few years ago, movie makers shopped at local thrift and antique stores to create the characters’ looks and endorsed Cape Girardeau’s stores as some of the best they’d ever visited.