Brian Holt / MoDOT

The city of Cape Girardeau is working with MoDot to make it easier for pedestrians and bikers to get around. The city will soon have a new bike trail and sidewalk system along Route K.

The new trails will enhance the already existing recreation trails along La Croix creek and bring cyclists near west Cape attraction like the mall and other retailers.

Brian Holt is a Resident Engineer for MoDOT. He says the new trail is for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Sam Powers / KRCU

The Army Corps of Engineers will continue with their plan to reduce water flows off the Missouri River later this month, but the Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard have no plans to close navigation on the Mississippi River.

River navigation industry leaders have urged the Corps to reconsider the water reduction plan, saying it will cause navigation to grind to a halt.

At a press conference in St. Louis on Friday, Major General John Peabody, commander of the Corps’ Mississippi River Division, said he has limited capacity to improve the navigation situation.

Cape Girardeau Officials Considering Downtown Trolley

Nov 15, 2012
Jacob McCleland / KRCU

Cape Girardeau officials are considering adding a trolley to the downtown area.

Cape Girardeau City Manager Scott Meyer says the idea is still in its infancy. He says a trolley would help get people to and from the casino and other downtown destinations.

Missouri Minimum Wage Increases Next Year

Nov 15, 2012

The minimum wage will increase by 10 cents next year. That's the kind of increase the Missouri Chamber of Commerce would like to stop.

In a 2006 ballot measure, Missouri voters linked the minimum wage with inflation.

During the past few years, the state minimum wage has equaled the federal minimum, but inflation will push it higher to 7 dollars and 35 cents next year.

Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Karen Buschmann says some employers might leave the state in search of lower rates.

Gas Prices Continue To Drop Across Missouri

Nov 14, 2012
Samantha Powers / KRCU

On Tuesday the state averaged $3.12 per gallon, third lowest average in the country, behind South Carolina and Oklahoma.