Tunes at Twilight

It’s almost time for Tunes at Twilight to return. If you’re heading out this Friday evening, be sure to grab a picnic blanket, your pets, your kids, some snacks, and head to Ivers Square at 7 p.m. for the free concert series.

Old Town Cape event coordinator Emily Vines says it’s a special edition of Tunes, featuring blues artist Paul Childers.

“We’re very excited to have Paul there,” says Vines. “Just after reading his bio and listening to some of his music, I think he’s going to be a perfect fit for this event.”

Tunes At Twilight Returns On Friday

May 15, 2013

Downtown Cape Girardeau will once again be filled with the sound of music this spring when Tunes At Twilight will returns on Friday at 7 p.m.

The concert series is held for six weeks every spring and fall. Old Town Cape executive director Marla Mills says the concert series was started over ten years ago to encourage locals to come together for a fun and relaxing evening. These days, Old Town Cape hopes to maintain Tunes At Twilight as a family-friendly event.