Cape County Public Health Department Launches 'Why I Got Vaccinated Day' Social Media Campaign

Jun 2, 2021


Every Wednesday, The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center will be making posts to their Facebook page under ‘Why I got Vaccinated Day’, a campaign which allows individuals to share why they chose to get vaccinated at the local clinics.

At the clinics, volunteers can fill out forms sharing their intentions and experiences in the 15 minute waiting period after the vaccine process.

In the future, individuals can also download and fill out the PDF form on the Cape County Health Center Website so it can be printed and shared both on social media, and physically at the lobbies of the locations.

Maria Davis, Educator at Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center explains the recent negativity and stigma surrounding the vaccines inspired the organization to share their patients stories to motivate others. 


“Well we really just wanted to share people’s stories, and just have that positive spin, we feel like right now there is a lot of negativity with the vaccine, but we just wanted to remind people why we're doing this and why we need to get vaccinated,” said Davis.

Those interested in sharing their own stories, can reach out to their Facebook page @CapeCoHealth and use hashtags #CapeCountyStrong #COVIDVaccinated.