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Whitney Quick

Former Host - Consumer Handbook

Cape Girardeau native Whitney Quick is the former Regional Director of Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau, MO. She joined the Cape Chamber as Vice President of Programs and Leadership Development in May 2023. Quick is a graduate of Cape Girardeau Central High School and Southeast Missouri University where she majored in public relations.

  • Are robots coming to steal your time, money, and maybe even your heart? Recent technology advances have created new AI-related security threats, and while they don’t look like what you’ve seen in the movies, you might be at risk.
  • Social media is used as a fun distraction for some people, and taking a Facebook quiz may seem like a harmless way to pass the time. But are you giving away more information than you think?
  • Scammers can target victims through any device connected to the internet, and your TV is no exception. BBB Scam Tracker has seen an influx of reports about scammers catching people off guard with pop-ups on their smart TVs.
  • Economic uncertainties have numerous consumers on the move. Many may be looking for storage units to facilitate these changes in living situation. It’s important to find a trustworthy storage facility, especially for prized possessions or antiques.
  • In 2021, 42% of all business inquiries on BBB.org for moving companies occurred from May-August, and nearly 1,100 complaints were filed with BBB against moving companies throughout the year.
  • In theory, online shopping is more eco-friendly than shopping in person. When one delivery truck takes the place of multiple car trips, it leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions. However, some common online shopping habits, such as frequent returns and multiple deliveries, could be better for the environment.
  • The weather is warming in some parts of the country, inspiring people to clean up or clear the clutter. The one area many overlook isn't the corner of a room or a forgotten closet; it's your digital devices.
  • Multiple car buyers have experienced the “yo-yo” – when a car buyer signs papers and takes the car off the lot, only to have the dealership announce later that the financing fell through, the deal is invalid, and the car must be returned or refinanced at a different rate. By this point, the buyers may have sold or traded in their previous vehicle, causing them to feel trapped.
  • Many homeowners are making the move to repair or replace their current roofs. The off-season may be the best time to jump on a home improvement project, with lower prices and available materials. The Better Business Bureau has tips to keep in mind whenever hiring any contractor to work in your home.
  • Scammers are always creating new and improved lookalike websites to trick you out of your personal information and money. These websites may have a very similar URL or look nearly identical to the real website you are searching for, which means they can be hard to identify.