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School Info Exempt from Sunshine Law


The Missouri House and Senate each passed bills on Thursday that would renew security exemptions to the state’s Sunshine Law.  Both measures would bar public access to security plans used by K-through-12 schools and other public buildings, and to police procedures related to terrorism events.  Democratic House Member Vicki Englund of St. Louis County says the legislation will help protect children while at school.

“We do not want anyone who wants to harm our children, or harm anyone in the government, to know the security codes, to know how to get into buildings, to know how to make use of a space that is supposed to be used for education,” Englund said.

The House version of the bill would make the exemptions permanent, while the Senate version would only renew them through the year 2017. The Senate bill would also require governing bodies to post notices of public meetings 48 hours in advance. That bill now heads to the Missouri House, while the House version goes to the Senate.

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