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Governor Nixon Pushes To Reinstate Missouri’s Sunshine Law

Bernard Pollack
Wikimedia Commons

Governor Jay Nixon is using his bully pulpit to push for the reinstatement of some exemptions to Missouri’s Sunshine Law. Nixon says it needs to be a priority of lawmakers.

The exemptions were added to the state’s public records law after 9-11. They allow schools, hospitals and other public facilities to keep their security plans and procedures private, along with information that private companies share with local police departments.

But a sunset provision means they expired on December 31st. Nixon says it doesn’t take a lot to see how that information could be misused.

“By standing together in a unified fashion with law enforcement, school leaders and others today, we send a clear message to the Legislature that this should be on the top of the list of things to get done,” Nixon said.

Lawmakers from both parties have already filed bills re-instating the exemptions.