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There’s actual music in the air as Tunes at Twilight returns for its fall series on August tenth. We’re gathering in Ivers Square near the courthouse at six thirty each Friday night for the next six weeks to mingle and sway along to a variety of sounds and styles.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Well-known locals raised over $39,000 Saturday night at the Dancing With Show Me Stars fundraiser event for the Community Caring Council. The growing cultural diversity in Cape Girardeau showed through performances ranging from the cha-cha, to b-boy, to african tribal fusion. We watched contestants cut the rug for this audio postcard. We begin with the event coordinator, Dwana Leible.


Jared Ritter & Sindupa De Silva

Derick Charles & Melody Holt

A Harte Appetite: Caviar

Jul 30, 2018
flickr user Aleksandar Cocek (

While he was Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great had his ambassador deliver a gift of fine caviar to Louis XV, King of France.  When, with great ceremony, the young monarch tasted his first mouthful of the precious stuff, he became nauseated and promptly spit it out on the carpet at Versailles.

These days even a royal might think twice about such unmannerly behavior, for caviar is, as Inga Saffron notes in her detailed history of those fabulous fish eggs, “the world’s most coveted delicacy.”