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A new radio documentary that explores the history of black gospel music and illustrates its significant influence on the formation of rock and soul music will be broadcast by KRCU Public Radio in Cape Girardeau throughout the month of February, during Black History Month.

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We are now in the second week of our new Morning Edition segment: Martin's Must-Reads! Every Wednesday, Betty Martin recommends a must-read based on her own personal biases for historical fiction, quirky characters, and overall well-turned phrases. Betty reads close to 100 titles a year, so she has plenty to share with you!

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Jason Brown

Read about a new local book review program beginning on January 2, 2019. Plus, see a picture of the uninterruptible power supplies we bought with money contributed during SEMO Giving Day. We've also included our staff holiday photo.

Do you know where the flavor of marshmallows comes from? 

Dr. Frank Nickell, host of KRCU's Almost Yesterday, stopped by the KRCU studios to help out during our Fall fund drive and during the course of our conversation, he told us about the mallow plant.

Diane Rehm's Voice

Jan 5, 2017

Since KRCU added The Diane Rehm Show in September of 2012, some KRCU listeners have asked us why Diane Rehm's voice sounds shaky. The reason is because Diane has spasmodic dysphonia.