Missouri Department of Conservation

A black bear season could begin as early as the fall of 2021 in Missouri, and the Missouri Department of Conservation is seeking public comment.  Michele Skalicky talked with MDC bear biologist, Laura Conlee.

How many bears do you estimate we have in Missouri?

"We estimate that we have between 540 and 840 black bears in the state."

Where are they at in Missouri?

Missouri Department of Conservation

Although the weather has been topsy turvy - going from sunny one day to rainy the next - it's good to remember we're not immune to starting wildfires here in Missouri. And, with firework sales across the region kicking off today, the risk is even higher. On this episode of Going Public, we talked with the MDC's statewide news services coordinator, Joe Jerek about how to stay safe while engaging in fiery outdoor activity.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Starting next month, the Missouri Department of Conservation will be shrinking their Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management zones. Conservation Nature Center Assistant Manager Jamie Koehler says this is not the result of a reduction in cases of the deadly deer disease, but a reduction in travel distances among the woodland species.


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It's finally time to hang up your feeders as the ruby-throated hummingbird makes its way through Missouri for the season. According to Missouri Department of Conservation ornithologist Sarah Kendrick, these birds are long distance migrants, and they make their journey across the Gulf of Mexico twice a year: once in spring and once in the fall. We spoke to Kendrick about how you can help the birds in their travels, and how to enjoy their company.

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Apr. 5 is Arbor Day in the state of Missouri. A lot of people take it as a reminder to check on the health of their trees, plant a new one, or simply spend some time outdoors. We spoke with Jennifer Behnken, a forester with the Missouri Department of Conservation, about the importance of increasing the canopy in urban and rural areas, and about the multitude of benefits behind having trees around.