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Cape Girardeau Managed Deer Hunt Comes To A Close

MO Department of Conservation

On Sunday, Dec. 5th, the Cape Girardeau Managed Deer Hunt came to a close.A recent e-mail from the City of Cape touched on the hunt’s completion of its original goals.

The hunt lasted five weeks, and there were a total of 13 deer harvested out of different zones. The pilot program was designed to allow the City to control the size and impact of the urban deer population in Cape Girardeau. The city aimed to do all of this within city limits.

According to the press release, the amount of deer harvested was below what was hoped for, but the overall expectations for the hunt were met.

The City of Cape’s staff is set to review the hunt from all aspects and present that information to the City Council. They then will determine whether or not to continue the program. The City will provide updates on progress as it’s being made.

For updates on the progress, visit the City of Cape Girardeau’s website.