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SEMO Spotlight

SEMO Spotlight highlights alumni, students, faculty and staff and their successes.

  • Reshmi Mitra, an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, talks about her experiences with women in engineering and who she looks up to as a role model. She spoke about her trip from India to the United States, which was quite motivating. She is a role model.
  • Mario Garcia, Director of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Professor of Computer Science, discusses his background. He discussed his cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and software engineering research. He conducts research in Computer Forensics, Network Security, and Web Security in the field of Cybersecurity.
  • Dr. Dana Branson is an assistant professor at Southeast Missouri State University and teaches in the Department of Criminal Justice, Social Work. She shares her Social Work experience interacting with the public and students.
  • Rajesh Palthya, a Computer And Information Science major at Southeast Missouri State University, talks about his work as a Graduate Assistant in the Cybersecurity Departments. He handles his studies and works as a Teaching Assistant with his skills in numerous disciplines.
  • Satwik Ibrahimpatnam, a computer science major at Southeast Missouri State University, discusses his Graduate Assistantship experience and how working under a professor has aided in his career development.
  • Saifuddin Omer Mohammed, A Computer And Information Science major at Southeast Missouri State University, discusses his experience as a Teaching Assistant in the Physics and Chemistry Departments. With his skills in several departments, he manages his academics and works as a Teaching Assistant.
  • Taylor Moore, a Historic Preservation Major and senior at Southeast Missouri State University, shares his experience interning with Downtown Washington…
  • Tanner Stadelbacher, An Environmental Science Health major with a Geoscience minor, talks about her experience traveling to the badlands of Montana to…
  • Dulce Maldonado Muñoz, a graduate assistant and multicultural recruitment counselor at Southeast Missouri State, talks about her experience as a student…
  • Francesca Bucci, a BFA Acting Major and Senior, talks about her various achievements in acting and sketch comedy, at Southeast Missouri State, Chicago and…