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Tim Jones Calling For DOR Investigation

Jacob McCleland

Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones is continuing to ask why the state’s Revenue Department shared documents with federal agencies, including a complete list of conceal-carry permit holders.

At a stop in Cape Girardeau Monday, Jones said he is pressing Attorney General Chris Koster for an independent investigation into the situation.

“I would really welcome his legal analysis as to whether he thinks any state laws have been broken, whether he thinks any bureaucrats have gone beyond their bounds.,” Jones said. “I believe the evidence is there.”

Jones says there is precedent for such an investigation. Jay Nixon launched an investigation when he was Attorney General into the email retention practices of then-Governor Matt Blunt.

“It think that this issue rises far above and beyond that. We are talking about the private, confidential information on Missouri citizens and we’re talking about the private, confidential information of law-abiding Missourians who are trying to do nothing more than exercise their 2nd Amendment rights,” Jones said.

Koster’s office has not yet responded to the request.

Governor Nixonannounced last week that the state Revenue Department would no longer scan or keep conceal-carry permit applicants’ documents.

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