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Gov. Parson Seeks Joint Damage Assessments In Anticipation Of Request For Federal Major Disaster Declaration In State

National Weather Service

On Friday, Dec.17 Gov. Mike Parson announced the state has begun the process to obtain federal disaster assistance for Missouri, in response to severe damage caused by storms and six deadly tornadoes on Dec. 10.

Extensive damage to public infrastructure, homes, businesses, and electric power delivery systems have been reported.

The heaviest damage to electric infrastructure occurred in Dunklin and Pemiscot counties, where over 20 large transmission towers and lines that transport power between New Madrid, Missouri and Dell, Arkansas, were destroyed or heavily damaged.

Governor Parson is requesting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are currently working with state and local partners to assess relief for counties: Dunklin, Pemiscot, and Reynolds.

Additional assessments may be requested as damage information is received from more counties.