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Several Buildings In Cape Girardeau Are Under Scrutiny, Marked For Demolition After Inspection

1220 S Pacific St. Cape Girardeau
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1220 S. Pacific St., seen here, is one of the houses slated for demolition in Cape Girardeau

Several buildings in Cape Girardeau are slated for demolition in the next few months, in an effort to clean up the city and make neighborhoods safer. Cape Girardeau received bids for demolition of the structures after the owners were unable to comply with the City Code of Cape Girardeau.

These structures were declared dangerous buildings as stated in Chapter 7, Article 18 of the City of Cape Girardeau's Code of Ordinances.

The structure owners were notified of the code violations and public hearings were held. However, in most cases, no action to bring the buildings into line with the code was made.

This has led the City of Cape Girardeau to continue with the process of condemnation. In some cases such as 543 South Pacific Street, the structure "was declared an emergency by the Building Supervisor (collapsing roof and walls)" and did not proceed to the public hearing stage.

The City of Cape Girardeau has moved forward with the demolition of structures at 535 South Benton Street ($6,700.00), 50 Centennial Drive ($6,200.00), 16 North Henderson Avenue ($9,400.00), 1010 Jefferson Avenue ($5,200.00), 543 South Pacific Street ($5,400.00), and 1220 South Pacific Street ($5,800.00). With a total cost of $38,700, out of $125,000 allocated on July, 18th, 2022.

Senior, Historic Preservation Major and the Vice President of Historic Preservation Association
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