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Construction Begins In The First Step Of Improvements Along West End Boulevard Area In Cape

West End Boulevard, Looking Towards New Madrid
Joshua Stinson
Joshua Stinson
West End Boulevard, Looking Towards New Madrid

West End Boulevard from New Madrid to Bertling street will receive repairs coming up in late July.
This comes as part of an assessment made by the City of Cape Girardeau of the streets that need the most repair and is part of the 6th cycle of the Transport Trust Fund (TTF).

The current project will add sidewalks, and streetlights, fix the stormwater drainage system, and completely replace the road. Jake Garrad, one of the project managers for the West End Boulevard project stated, that the project is expected to take up to a year to finish.

The current projects slated for completion in Cape Girardeau, are funded by the 2010 and 2015 Transportation Trust Funds. These funds total around $3.6 million dollars and the stormwater drainage update is funded by a separate tax fund of around $600,000.

The funding is part of a city-wide initiative that began in 1995 with a 0.5% tax that would be added to sales tax and, was approved by taxpayers allowing for each stage of improvements.

In Cape Girardeau, the most recent series of updates utilizes a fund of 24 million dollars, which includes construction on Fountain Street, Sloan Creek Bridge, Independence Street, Sprigg Street, Lexington Avenue and Main Street.

Senior, Historic Preservation Major and the Vice President of Historic Preservation Association
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