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3 Southeast Missouri Counties Added To MDC Deer Feeding Ban Due To Spread Of CWD Cases

Missouri Department of Conservation

Cape Girardeau, Perry, and Bollinger counties have been added to a list of 7 Missouri counties placed under new restrictions for feeding and giving minerals to deer, and considered to be Chronic Wasting Disease management zones.

In response to finding new cases of Chronic Wasting disease, also known as CWD, in these areas, the Missouri Department of Conservation is prohibiting the placement of grain, salt products, minerals, and other consumable products used to attract deer. These items have been shown to spread diseases such as CWD among deer by causing them to unnaturally congregate, which increases the potential for transmission.

Exceptions include feed placed within 100 feet of a residence or building, placed in a way to exclude access by deer, used in agricultural or forest management, or used in crop and wildlife food production.

Nearly three months after the close of deer season earlier this year, the MDC reported seven positive cases in Perry (1)  and Ste. Genevieve (6) counties. CWD is a fatal illness among deer, and is reportedly spreading. A total of 33 new cases were found within Missouri this year, bringing the total number of free-ranging deer in Missouri confirmed to have the disease up to 75.

Despite a lack in evidence that CWD is a risk to humans, public health officials advise against exposing yourself to it.

Other counties added to the list include Grundy, Madison, McDonald, and mercer counties. The 7 new counties were added to an existing list of 41 counties under the Department’s CWD Management Zone.

The year-round feeding ban takes effect on July 1.

For more information, visit: https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/hunting-trapping/wildlife-diseases/chronic-wasting-disease-cwd