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Mo. House Approves Surplus Proposal

Missouri House of Representatives

The Missouri House has adopted Governor Jay Nixon’s proposal on Thursday to add $86 million to a capital improvements bill.  

The move follows the release of April’s general revenue report, which shows revenue collections for the current fiscal year are up by more than 11%.  The Governor’s proposal includes $13 million for a new state mental hospital at Fulton, $45 million for state parks, and $28 million for structural repairs to the State Capitol.  

House Speaker Tim Jones says it’s an agreement that will be especially beneficial to the nearly century-old Capitol.

“We have a lot of moisture problems in this building, we have a lot of mold problems in this building,” Jones. “We think we better do some basic maintenance which has been on the books for a long time, if we’re gonna preserve this building and not have it be incredibly costly down the road.”

The Governor’s amendment was easily approved. The Missouri Senate took part in negotiations with the House and the Nixon administration, and is also expected to pass it. The main bill also includes a new state office building that will serve as a new home for MoDOT and provide additional office space for other state agencies.

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