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“She has watched while a parade of young women, raising fists and rifles, marched past the bus taking her to Bahir Dar. They stared at her an aging woman in her long drab dress, as if they did not know those who came before them. As if this were the first time a woman carried a gun.”

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Are you trying to get more in touch with nature in 2020?  Check out the many classes and courses offered at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center.  On Thursday, February 20 learn more about how fire protects Missouri prairies during the Cape Nature Needlers class. Or learn about projects that you can do at home with the whole family to help the local critters at the Woodworking for Wildlife class on Friday, February 21.  You will even get to build a nest box as a family in this course!

“Some of us find remarkable echoes of our own modern lives in the historical past, as if we have inherited gifts or skills or preferences. Most families are like my family: with the earliest documents showing a family as humble and poor and, by little ordinary acts of courage and years of perseverance, largely unrecorded, rising and prospering - and sometimes, of course, declining.”

I think it was Moliere who observed that, "Some men eat to live while other men live to eat." I know which category I fall into. I love food, glorious food. The word diet has always been a particularly offensive four-letter word as far as I'm concerned. And did you ever notice that the first three letters of that word spell die?

Samuel Johnson could just as well of had me in mind when he said, "A man seldom thinks with more earnestness of anything than he does his dinner."

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If you haven’t made Valentine’s plans yet, you’re a little behind.  But there is no reason to freak out.  Take a couple of minutes and go to  You’ll find a complete list of dining options in Cape Girardeau – from Italian to Chinese, classic American, fine dining and more.  Treat your valentine to a special dinner with his or her favorite person – you!