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You may not have noticed the beautiful Magnolia trees near our historic Old St. Vincent’s Church but they are blooming and have a refreshing aroma. When you see the excitement that the trees bring to visitors of the area it takes on a whole new appreciation.

This week we've got new music from a St. Louis band, Lightrider, and it's a fine example of well-executed post rock. Their debut EP is self-titled, and they're holding a release event on Friday, August 3rd at the Firebird in St. Louis. You can also check it out on Bandcamp

It seems like Almost Yesterday that a twenty-two foot tall fiberglass statue of an Indian chief was placed on the top of Houck Stadium in Cape Girardeau. At the time, Southeast Missouri State athletic teams were known as The Indians, and for nearly a decade the giant figure greeted those who attended sporting events at Houck Field or Houck Field House.

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For parents, helping kids to be as well-rounded as possible is a big priority. One of the more popular avenues to do so is through dance lessons. Ballet, tap dance, and maybe even some jazz. But one teacher in downtown Cape Girardeau is showing kids the ropes to urban dance. I first met Michael 'Crank' Curry at a farmers’ market while his students were dance battling on a platform. They all had black shirts with golden fingerprint decals on the front, and they are now part of Michael's newly opened Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio.

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History is full of famous duos -- Romulus and Remus, Gilbert and Sullivan, Batman and Robin. But of all the prominent pairs over the ages perhaps my favorite is Ben and Jerry.

That's because the ice cream produced by that Vermont institution is the closest to homemade of any store-bought brand I know. And what could be better during the hot summer months than a scoop of homemade ice cream? (Unless it's two scoops).