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leon chang is a composer who has imagined a score for a ficticious SNES-era video game. He's also very good on Twitter. His latest album, re:treat, samples the beloved Nintendo game Animal Crossing

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It’s back-to-school time, and I can hear sighs of relief coming from parents all across town. It also means things are about to get busier, with sports in full swing, including a local favorite – Cape Central football! Keep your eye on the high school sports schedules to find out when to cheer on the Tigers. Be sure to mark your calendars for the Central vs Jackson rivalry. The team that wants to win must earn it with sweat, determination and heart! This is always a great game from the fans to the plays on the field.

Visit Cape

The Mississippi is bustling this month, with boats and barges passing by our community. Cape Girardeau and the river have both played a major role in the transportation of goods and people since before the town’s founding. Take part in a Cape tradition by welcoming the boats docking in town this month.

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I have much for which to thank the nuns of the Catholic Church. After all, one of them taught me how to read.

But I’m almost equally grateful to Roman Catholic nuns for their role in inventing and perfecting some of the most heavenly pastries on earth.

Collectively called convent sweets because they originated in the convents of Italy, Spain, and particularly Portugal as far back as the 15th century, they ultimately made their way far beyond the Iberian peninsula.

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Advertising agency Rustmedia and local email service ‘The Scout’ are hosting their first annual Shipyard Music Festival next month in downtown Cape Girardeau. We spoke with Jeff Rawson, creative director at Rustmedia, about the new festival, and how it’s shaping up to be a successful event.

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