Missouri State Highway Patrol

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As part of the Missouri State Highway Patrol campaign, “Move Over or Get Pulled Over,” the Cape Girardeau Police Department will be enforcing traffic violations along Interstate 55 on Tuesday, July 9.

The campaign is aimed at keeping motorists and emergency workers safe. 

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol counted seven deaths across the state as a result of traffic crashes over Memorial Day weekend. Five fatalities occurred in the Weldon Springs area, one in Willow Springs, and one in Rolla.

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As temperatures rise, southeast Missouri motorists are likely seeing a higher number of farmers on their way to plant crops or move livestock with large machinery on the roads.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says to use caution on the roads during planting season, especially on two-lane highways in rural parts of the region.

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol has released results from their annual school bus inspection program for the 2017-2018 school year.

Across the state, over 12 thousand school buses were inspected twice within the past year. Buses with no defective items found receive an “approved” rating, those found with defective items that do not constitute an immediate danger receive a “defective” rating, and those posing immediate danger are taken out of service. Of all the inspected buses, 90.6% received an “approval” rating by inspection personnel.

Sgt. Clark Parrott/MSHP

The largest fentanyl seizure in the state of Missouri was made in New Madrid County last week.


During a traffic stop and search on Nov. 1, the Missouri State Highway Patrol discovered almost five pounds of the powerful opioid drug in a suspect’s vehicle, which had been traveling northbound on Interstate 55. The driver, 27-year-old Angel Larar-Esteban of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested for felony drug trafficking and endangering the welfare of a child.