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In July, the Better Business Bureau released a study about fraud within the timeshare industry in Missouri: "Don't Fall for Deception, Pressure and Traps Disguised as Vacations: A Better Business Bureau Study of the Missouri Timeshare/Vacation Club Industry." We spoke with Whitney Quick, regional director of the Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau about the results from the study, and how you can avoid falling victim to a timeshare fraud.

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On this episode of Going Public, we talk with Whitney Quick, regional director of the Better Business Bureau, about a report they recently released on one of the top three frauds experienced across the nation and Canada, lottery and sweepstakes frauds. According to the report, these scams took nearly $117 million from victims just last year.

Lindsey: Tell us about this new report.


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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says your home security system could be luring in door-to-door salespeople.

Recent scam reports say salespeople representing an alarm company may see the home security sign in your yard, and attempt to switch you to a new company.

Whitney Quick, regional director of the BBB, says homeowners subjected to these scams are told that something is wrong with their security system, or that something needs to be replaced.

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With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, you may be making plans to enjoy a concert or a Cardinal game when the opportunity arises. However, there is always a chance to get scammed when you make your ticket purchase. When you arrive at the ballpark or concert arena and find out your ticket is no good -- but a fake -- it can ruin an otherwise enjoyable outing. How can you avoid this situation?


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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) celebrated the opening of their new branch in Cape Girardeau, Mo. with a ribbon cutting ceremony and an open house on Monday.

According to Regional Director Joey Keys, the BBB is a non-profit organization that serves consumers and businesses

They opened a new branch to better serve the 92 counties in the eastern Missouri and the southern Illinois region, he said.