Two-Minute Drill: SEMO Football Team and Coaches Attend Social Justice Education Seminar

Sep 3, 2020

Southeast Missouri Head Coach Tom Matukewicz always looks for ways to use football to make better men out of his players even if at times those opportunities may be uncomfortable.

On Wednesday night, SEMO's football team, coaches and staff met with three veteran law enforcement officials for a social justice education seminar at the Show Me Center.

Players and coaches engaged in open dialogue with Cape Girardeau Chief of Police Wes Blair, SEMO Assistant Director of Public Safety Captain Ken Gullett and former Redhawks defensive lineman Brandon McCrary, who works for the St. Louis County Jennings Department.

Matukewicz said he wants the student-athletes to meet the people responsible for policing campus and Cape Girardeau community, and that they are safe here. He said social justice is a tough topic that the football program would not shy away from.

Athletes submitted questions on a variety of topics ranging from diversity, why officers choose to serve their communities and what to do if situations arise in which you are involved with law enforcement, such as routine traffic stops.

Unanimously, all three officers said their career choice was a "calling" and how proud they are to serve their communities.

Following the hour-long session, student-athletes, coaches, staff and law enforcement officials socialized and enjoyed ice cream together.

Matukewicz said that what makes the locker room special is the teammates are like brothers who embrace each other regardless of their backgrounds.

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