Southeast Announces Plans To Cut Over 35 Staff Positions Across Campus

Jan 10, 2018

Southeast President Dr. Carlos Vargas made an announcement yesterday afternoon of plans to cut 4% of the university's full-time workforce.
Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

In order to balance their Fiscal Year 2018 budget and cover known budget needs for FY 2019, Southeast Missouri State University will soon be cutting staff positions across campus.


Southeast President Dr. Carlos Vargas announced yesterday that 35-40 vacant and filled full-time staff positions, which make up 4% of the university’s workforce, will be eliminated. The first round of staff members being impacted will be notified Jan. 29 through Feb. 2 with a second round of notification meetings happening at the beginning of May.


“As we navigated our initial budget challenges, we worked very hard to avoid impacting individual members of the university community,” said Vargas. “But as we continue to operate in difficult times, the current realities have required tough decisions, bringing us to this announcement today.”


In February 2017, Governor Eric Greitens authorized the withholding of $55.9 million from the higher education budget due to the state revenue growth not meeting projections.This resulted in the reduction of $3.43 million in state appropriations for Southeast’s FY 2017, and the current FY 2018 budget need is at $6.6 million.


Vargas said they are reorganizing departments across the university, and operating budgets have been reduced. They have eliminated 18.5 vacant staff positions and made changes to benefit programs. The implemented four-month hiring delay remains in effect.

At this time, no filled faculty positions are being eliminated in an effort to maintain the university’s quality of education.


Human Resources will meet with affected staff for notification and to offer assistance. Those being eliminated who meet the qualifications for another open position at the university will be guaranteed an interview for a period of six months following the last day of their employment.

A university voluntary retirement incentive program has resulted in 74 faculty and staff retirements between Dec. 31, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2018.