MO SB12 Aimed At Limiting Local Health Dept. Order Restrictions, Voted Down

Mar 26, 2021

Missouri lawmakers are continuing to explore ways to limit local health department’s orders while trying to find compromise.

After nearly eight hours of debate Wednesday night, legislation to limit local public health departments’ orders was shot down by a bipartisan effort in the state Senate. Senate Bill 12 died on the floor early Thursday morning. 

With the bill officially defeated, state Sen. Dave Schatz, the top Republican in the Senate, remains committed to addressing local health orders.

“I think there are going to be some opportunities for us to continue that conversation."

Sen. Schatz continues to press forward with the legislation. "We may not have got it done on that bill last night but I do believe that we will drive a point of compromise to the position that gives businesses better protection and also some accountability for those elected officials.”

11 Senators voted in favor of the item, and 19 voted down the health-order related legislation.