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Prop K Supporters: Sales Tax Is Still An Option

Supporters of a failed sales tax proposal in Cape Girardeau County are weighing their options as they move forward.

Proposition K, a quarter-cent sales tax that would have provided money for a children’s services fund, mustered 40 percent support in Tuesday’s election. It would have generated up to $3 million per year to be used for programs that address mental health, homelessness, bullying, teenage pregnancy, high school dropouts and other issues.

Kyle Schott, the regional director for Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, said the Putting Kids First Coalition will now make assessments about how to move forward and look for ways to get their message out to voters.

“I think that’s really the key is to really be more engaged with the community,” Schott said. “I think what the voters of Cape Girardeau said was we don’t have enough information to vote on this, so we’re going to say no.”

He says the coalition will look for sustainable ways to provide additional services for kids and consider bringing the tax issue before voters at a future date.

“We have accomplished some of our goals of trying to galvanize the people of Cape Girardeau to look favorably, that hey, we do have issues,” Schott said.

Schott added that convincing Cape Girardeau County voters to approve any type of tax is “an uphill battle.”