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Expect Multiple Rounds Of Voting At MO8 Republican Nominating Meeting


Members of the 8th Congressional Republican Committee will choose their nominee on Saturday in Van Buren.

The winner must receive 50% plus one vote in order to secure the nomination. As of Monday, there were 12 candidates who were interested in the nomination.

The nominating process could take several rounds of voting. If nobody wins a majority of votes in the first round, the candidates with the fewest number of votes and any candidate with zero votes will be eliminated, according to committee chair Eddy Justice.

“If two or more candidates tie with one vote apiece or two votes apiece then all those are eliminated as well. And then if there is no tie then the person with the lowest number of votes is eliminated,” Justice said. “So I expect then, there will be most likely several eliminated in the first round and possibly in the second round.”

Justice says there could be a few minutes between each round of voting.

“After a vote has been taken and if no candidate has received the required majority, any current candidate or committee may request that the body stand at ease for up to five minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes at ease between votes. So yes, there is the possibility that there will be time for gamesmanship between votes,” Justice said.

The proposed rules will not go into effect unless the committee approves them on Saturday.

Democrats will pick their candidate on February 16 in Poplar Bluff.

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