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SEMO Spotlight: Aldo Vandeling

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Aldo Vandeling, SEMO Spotlight guest
Aldo Vandeling, SEMO Spotlight guest

Aldo Vandeling came from the beautiful nation of East Timor, and he holds the distinct honor of being the first and sole student from his country to attend SEMO. Currently, in his senior year, Aldo is pursuing a major in Public Health with a specialization in Nutrition. In addition to his academic pursuits, he serves as the Vice-President of the International Students Association (ISA), demonstrating his dedication to fostering a vibrant multicultural community on campus.

Aldo's enthusiasm extends beyond his studies and extracurricular involvement. He possesses a deep passion for photography, finding solace and inspiration in the art of capturing captivating moments. His creative spirit thrives when immersed in a space that allows him to explore various artistic expressions.

By combining his commitment to public health, leadership in ISA, and love for photography, Aldo brings a unique and multi-faceted perspective to SEMO. He is a trailblazer and a source of inspiration, representing the diverse talents and cultural richness of East Timor on campus.

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