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Consumer Handbook

Every week, join Sydney Waters as she helps you navigate life as a smart consumer. You'll cover everything in avoiding the latest scams, including phishing emails, medical equipment fraud, understanding layaway, hiring a reputable tax preparer, and even digital spring cleaning. 

Add to your toolbox and flip through your Consumer Handbook Thursdays during NPR’s Morning Edition at 6:42 a.m. and 8:42 a.m., only on KRCU.

Latest Episodes
  • The chaos of the holiday season usually means emotions are running high. Scammers often try to manipulate people by taking advantage of those strong emotions, like gift shopping stress or holiday generosity.
  • Facebook Marketplace can be a great resource for buying and selling, especially within your local community. However, scams are nothing new on this platform, since it can be difficult to vet sellers and buyers.
  • Buy now, pay later is a service that many retailers offer to allow shoppers to space out smaller payments on an item over time, rather than paying the full cost up front. You should read the fine print before agreeing to one of these services.
  • TikTok recently launched a new online store, TikTok Shop. Before you shop, check out these smart online shopping tips to avoid scams on the new platform.
  • Better Business Bureau® offers tips for people wishing to donate to relief efforts in Israel and Gaza.
  • While many pandemic-era adjustments to high school athletic events have vanished, live streaming has stuck around. Live streams can be a great way for fans to join in on the fun, even if they can’t attend every game.
  • Young adults are often less experienced with credit and finances, and are navigating financial life events like loans, scholarships or budgeting for the first time – making them a popular target for fraudsters.
  • People struggling with debt or seeking to fix their credit score often turn to credit relief companies. And some of these companies make big promises, but then don’t deliver, leaving people further in debt.
  • Part of being prepared for a disaster is having a plan for repairs to your home or car. The days immediately after a storm or disaster can be overwhelming, but they are an especially critical time for you to do your research carefully and find a trusted contractor.
  • Generative AI programs such as ChatGPT may be changing the way fraudsters commit scams. Better Business Bureau advises consumers to be on the lookout for red flags in any unsolicited messages they receive.