Josh Conaway

Josh Conaway is a second year student at Missouri State University studying political science and Spanish. He works as news reporter and announcer for KSMU. His favorite part of working for KSMU is meeting a wide variety of interesting people for stories. He has a passion for history and running.


When telemarketers disguise their phone number on your caller ID, it’s known as "call spoofing." To many, it’s irritating. To others, it's predatory. And it may soon be considered a crime in Missouri.


Voters have some choices on how to cast ballots this year in Missouri:  Vote in person, vote absentee or vote with a mail-in ballot. ALL mail-in ballots must be notarized.  Some absentee ballots must be notarized.  Those include anyone voting absentee who fall into one of these categories:

Alzheimer’s and senior advocates say they’re seeing a disturbing trend of more cognitive decline in nursing home residents since the facilities have been shut down to visitors and activities that stimulate the brain. The Greater Missouri Alzheimer’s Association is asking Governor Mike Parson to provide fast-acting COVID-19 tests for nursing homes to combat the loneliness. 


A Springfield counselor is asking for donations to bring books by Black authors to classrooms across the state.

This week, Missouri State Parks began its “phased reopenin