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Missouri State Parks Announce Opening of Swimming Recreation Locations During Memorial Day Weekend

Robert Breaux, Flickr


On Friday, May 28 Missouri State Parks announced the opening of their public beach sites for the summer recreational season. 

Throughout the summer, the park collects water samples from each of their 18 designated beaches which provide information on water quality based on bacteria levels.

The information is updated weekly and is designed to help visitors decide whether a particular site is safe for swimming. 

Visitors can find the current water quality data both online and on-site for each beach location.

Naturally occurring bacteria is found in all uncontrolled bodies of water such as streams, lakes, and ponds, however, certain levels can cause pollutants and lead to illness. 

The data provided by Missouri State Parks will allow individuals to choose swimming areas carefully and reduce the potential of causing harm to friends, family members, or themselves.

Along with checking water bacteria levels, Missouri State Parks also recommend avoiding water that is stagnant or smells unpleasant, water that has been recently exposed to heavy rain, waters near sewer pipes, discharge pipes or storm drain outlets, water frequented by livestock or other land animals, and any water that contains a large number of dead fish or other dead animals.

Those looking for more information on water safety can visit health.mo.gov/safety/recreationalwater/naturalwaterareas.php.