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High Schoolers Call The Shots At Youth In Government Day

Jacob McCleland

High school students had a chance to call the shots at Youth In Government Day on Wednesday.

Students from Cape Girardeau Central, Eagle Ridge Christian School and Notre Dame Regional High School held a mock city council session. They tackled several local issues ripped straight from the headlines, like urban deer hunting, texting while driving and whether Cape Girardeau residents should be allowed to raise chickens in town.

Brendan Williams is a junior at Cape Central, and he played the role of City Manager. He enjoyed the experience and says it was easier than he expected to be bombarded by council members’ question.

“This is a really good experience. It’s not boring at all. Government is really interesting and I took the class and I’m passing it and I just thought it would be a good idea to come out here and experience this type of environment and being in government and part of the council,” Williams said.

Emily Hagan is a junior at Cape Central, and she acted as a city council member. She learned that government is a more difficult undertaking than she expected.

“We have to be grateful and not take things for granted because we don’t have to be in that position all the time because we have people to speak for us, to speak on our behalf,” Hagan said. “But also, in the same sense, that can be a problem because they don’t know always what we the people want.

This is the 28th year the Optimists Club sponsored Youth In Government Day.

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